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The Art Of Tattoo

So you want to know what's going on from the Tattoo Artist's point of view? Maybe you want to take up the challenge and start opening up your own tattoo parlor or maybe even learn to tattoo yourself?

Most people who begin learning to tattoo won’t stick with it. It takes practice and patience. Unfortunately, many people simply quit before they acquire the finely honed skills they need to succeed. Many of these people may lack the proper guidance, knowledge and equipment. Others get frustrated and just throw in the towel.

Becoming a top tattoo artist requires knowledge along with a lot of practice and patience. Below are a few pointers for aspiring tattoo artists taken from the popular eBook 'The Art of Tattoo'.

The Tattoo Machine - All tattoo machines basically work by driving the needle in an up and down motion to slightly open the first layers of skin just enough so the ink can be driven into the skin. It is the job of the tattoo artist to steer the machine in an outline or a pre-drawn design to complete the tattoo.

The Needles - Most tattoo artists will tell you needles are the most important piece of equipment. Usually tattoo artists will use a single needle only once or twice because to work effectively a needle should be arrow straight, flawless with no marks or scratches, sharp and in ‘perfect’ condition.

The Ink- Tattoo inks are also extremely important to the process. This is what gives the tattoo life and brings out the character and personality of the design. It is also what separates you from everyone else and creates the fantastic artistry and brilliant color. It is important that you pay attention to the inks, particularly what they are made of and how you use them.

Tattoo Skins - Tattoo skins give the opportunity to work on something realistic without actually taking on a client or testing on yourself. They can be purchased from your local tattoo retailer or online at numerous locations. They usually measure 6” x 8”, although they are available in larger sizes. Really, they are much like using real skin. These Tattoo Skins can also be attached to arms or legs of friends who are willing to volunteer and allow you to practice on them without actually putting a permanent tattoo on them.

Using tattoo skins can help you get the right depth of the needles, learn the proper handling and control as well as angle while practicing skills, designs and techniques.

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