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Make Money

Are you passionate about tattoos and good design? Did you know you can make money by simply owning a website like this? This website produces a recurring income for me which helps funds the tattoos I get plus a little extra for me. I made $359.29 within the first 2 weeks when I first created this website!

Why Tattoo Designs?

The tattoo niche is growing ever popular and is becoming the 'norm'. A lot of customers are first-timers who are looking for the perfect design before they get their tattoo. What does this mean for affiliates? Well, it simply means that the traffic you drive to TattooFever.net are qualified, hot and ready to buy which helps with conversions and increases your return on investment!

Why TattooFever.net?

TattooFever.net has one of the best landing pages in the market and best value for money for people who simply want to download 1000s of tattoos at a time without joining a membership or paying a high premium. The price is set just right for good conversions. But it doesn't stop there! We will also be including a mailing system to build a relationship with our prospects and increase conversions further. All you have to do is send qualified visitors to the landing page with your affiliate link.

What If They Don't Buy?

Visitors don't have to buy the first time they visit. Your ClickBank cookie will be left on the visitor's PC and if they decide to buy at a later date (up to 60 days) you will still be credited for the sale!

How Much Can I Earn?

You can earn 75% commission on all sales you have refered. This includes backend sales and special offers. Potentially you can earn $19 per sale without having to do much at all!

If you're interested click here.


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